Sites Worth Seeing

In this section, you'll find my recommendations of local sites to visit and events to attend. There are plenty of great guidebooks on the market if you're looking to take a tour of Cambridge, but "Sites worth Seeing" is focused only on the sites and events that relate to a subject covered in Cambridge Considered. If you visit, be sure to let me know what you think!

Readers of A Very Brief History of Cambridge 1700-1800 will now understand why this bus stop is called Dawes Island, and what's up with the horseshoes in the ground. The traffic island also includes signs with another brief history of Cambridge, which are worth reading.

Visit Boston's Museum of Fine Arts recently opened a new Art of the Americas wing. It includes beautiful examples of Puritan furniture, which are not as plain as one might imagine. Imagine these bed frames and chests of drawers in the homes of the settlers described in A Very Brief History of Cambridge, 1630-1700.

You've already seen a glimpse of Mount Auburn Cemetery in my photo essay, Voice and Silence. I encourage you to visit in person, for the history, architecture, landscaping, or just for a pleasant walk. In fair weather, guided tours and other events are available to the public.

The map below has labels for the sites described here. So far, it defaults to looking at the US, so zoom in towards Cambridge to get a good look!

View Cambridge Considered: sites worth seeing in a larger map

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